GBM Recycled Concrete LLC is a concrete and asphalt recycling business that has operated in Livingston County since 1994. It operated as a subsidiary of Fonson Construction Inc for 23 years until the sale of Fonson in 2014 at which time it became its own entity.

Joseph Fons Jr. was somewhat of a pioneer in concrete recycling in Livingston County dating back to the late 1970's and early 1980's. In those days, concrete rubble, coming off many construction projects, was routinely dumped in swamps, low areas, and landfills. Mr. Fons, being an avid outdoorsman and very successful Great Lakes fisherman, recognized that this was very wasteful and environmentally unsettling to him. He took a chance with an old Pioneer jaw crusher and started crushing concrete generated from local projects, eventually to be used by the Construction company on many local construction projects. GBM was formed in 1994 at the onset of the I-96 Reconstruction/Improvement project Fonson undertook, that project completely removed 24 lane miles of concrete from I-96, and added a third lane between Dorr Road and Chilson Road in Livingston County.

Today, GBM operates mainly in Brighton at 7272 Kensington Road and in Howell off Chilson Road roughly 1 mile south of Grand River at the end of Industrial Way Dr. The Howell plant is mobile and can be moved to crush and clean up other piles of concrete rubble as we did in 2016 by cleaning up an eyesore at the former Fendt Transit Mix plant on Grand Oaks Dr.

Moving forward GBM has agreed to purchase the former Spring Aggregate Sand and Gravel pit at 7191 Hogan Road in Deerfield Township and will be expanding our product line to include natural aggregates both washed and crushed, look for our opening in the summer of 2017.